Range Shooting

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Range Cards: 180 Ranges to choose from

  • 5 Range = $40 ($30 member price)
  • 10 Range = $70 ($52.50 member price)
  • 15 Range = $100 ($75 member price)

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Each “range” on your card consists of 50 to 60 rounds. This means 5 ranges is about 300 rounds downrange for about 30% less than the cost of live ammunition. When shooting on our ranges you are not confined to standing in one place, in fact most of our ranges will require you to move and shoot from different positions. Up to 5 shooters can be on the firing line at a time. It is now possible to practice drawing from the holster without the hazard of a negligent discharge. Out of our 180 virtual ranges you will have the choice to shoot moving and hostage targets, steel “pepper poppers”, and many other different targets on indoor or outdoor settings. We have the full spectrum of ranges from the beginner level all the way to advanced shooting.

Range shooting is available on both our Threat Alley (single screen simulator) and Threat Arena  (300 degree simulator).

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